Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Games to Play in Your Sunday School Class

One method that can be used in Sunday school class game in practice. Children love to change quickly and the game can be even icebreakers.

These games are aimed at pre-puberty group. There are some rules to follow when love Sunday school class, fourth and fifth year.

First of all, research activities and the entire class at once, or games that are played in pairs or in groups of three or four. I have learned from school days in public schools, that if you have a relay board with two children and other students do not just wait your turn, kids start to get the noise and did not pay attention.

In addition, Sunday school, I do not know whether the level of literacy among children. That is why I want to keep games easy for all students has been set up or confused, if you do not know the answer.

Since a short time in Sunday school, participate in games that are simple instructions. It is not the time to learn complex instructions. Make sure that everything is ready, so you can change the game away, giving quick instructions, and let them have fun.

All that said, here are some games for you to try the class pre-teen Sunday School. It can be adapted to other age groups with.

The first Bingo-style game

You can use the various options. Leads to a list of about 25 words on the board, using the lessons taught. 5 Each child writes the words on paper.

Once you have their written word, the teacher goes into the pot. He began to say that one word, and displays the map. Who wrote the word is crossed out. The first player in five hybrid called "bingo", and is proud to be the next call to go to the meeting.

Children to write five different words, even if the caller is clear that the new control points on the table of words. Then the game begins the same way.

Another activity of right and wrong

These ideas are not the end game where nobody wins. I'm just a fun way to change history. The first version, it will give each child two seats, one for each color of construction paper. It is said that the image of a red and one blue. It is to support the red and blue True is false.

Before class, prepare a list of statements, or to read a history lesson, every day. As you can read any message, the student has the right to raise the paper, whether it is true or false.

Another option is the child in motion. It's a long piece of rope that stretches across the room. Make sure that the movement of tables and chairs on one side so that no one was injured. grade line is parallel to the right leg and left leg. Did you read the speeches of the previous function. If the opinion is true, left, jump rope. If it is a lie, in tune.

March. Racial verse from the Bible

This game, make sure that every child has the Bible. If you have a large class is one of the partnerships with two teams. The goal is, who can find a verse from the Bible first.

The teacher encourages the text. Say, is called Psalm 103, verse first students in a hurry to find. The first student or group who raised his hand and read the poem aloud. If it succeeds, the next call will inform the coach is found.

Note - Be careful not remove pages from the Bible to find the enthusiasm of the steps!

Games can be fun and educational school. He has prepared everything in advance, keep it simple, quick to implement and to ensure that all the parties .

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